What kind of company is urixoiltransportation.com Company? urixoiltransportation.com is a company active energy transportation. For more information about this company you can visit our home page, there you can get all the information about our activities.

You can visit the following links and to chek the company's identity by entering the company's registration code.

Your age should not be less than eighteen years to make the investment. It should be noted that the legal conditions of investment in various countries differ. Therefore, we do our deals according country, the United Kingdom, according to which the transaction is exempt from taxes.

To facilitate the investment process, we use the most common currencies on the internet (E- Currency).
Those currencies names are listed below:
1. Bitcoin
2. AdvCash
3. Payer
4. Perfect Money
If you are not familiar with the system, please contact our consultants. We are ready to answer your questions at any moment.

The minimum amount for deposit is $25 USD, and there is no limit for the maximum amount for deposit.

You do surely understand that there are risks in every level and field of business and investments but if have an experienced an strong staff in your team to back you up, it would be different. It can be said that the risk of this kind of commerce would be a number close to zero.

Normally it takes one to three hours until you will be able to withdraw money from your account. But for Bitcoin payments, it may take up to 24 hours if the network to be busy.

No, we do not charge any fee at the moment.

Yes After the end of the investment period, you can withdraw your deposit. Also, no wages are deducted from it.

We will create a link for you and that would be sent to you. Every person that makes the investment through your link, %5 of his deposited amount of his investment will be yours and it goes directly to your personal account. You can publish this link to the virtual and private networks for advertising .

No, you can have as many accounts as you want. But completion of information is essential when registering. So if you do not complete the information. The company reserves the right to request identification documents for the authentication of its members.

There is only one restriction on withdrawals: the minimum withdrawal amount is $0.01 dollar. Our company doesn't impose any other limits, and we promise not to make any changes to this policy launch.

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