What is Urix chemical product transportation?

Our Chemical Products Division capitalizes on knowledge accumulated over more than half a century to develop composite integrated transport services as well as leasing services for all types of containers used to transport various substances in liquid/powdered form, such as various chemicals and food products.

Container Lineup

A wide variety of containers for chemical products

In order to meet the broad transportation needs of today, we own over 7,000 containers with a number of different characteristics. We have put together a prompt delivery system for our ISO tank containers by maintaining accurate inventory control. And by including additions such as IBC's or containers for beaded substances, we can also build something custom-made just for you.

  • ISO Tank Containers
  • Option specifications
  • Rail-transport tank containers & IBC's
  • Containers for transporting beaded substances
  • Example of loaded product

About Eco-Transport Mark : When a company or product is certified as actively making an effort to utilize truck and marine freight transport that is environmentally friendly, the Eco-Rail Mark ecolabel is attached to that product or catalog. As an “Eco-Transport Mark Supporting Company” involved with the transport of Eco-Rail Mark certified products and the transport of products for Eco-Transport Mark certified companies, we are helping to popularize the Eco-Transport Mark certification.

Transport Services

Reliable one-stop service
Reducing the daily work of our customers

We take care of everything—from setting up a transport system with the optimal combination of railroads, automobiles, and ships all the way through making the arrangements for daily orders and squaring up accounts. Urix Oil Transportation Group is proud to offer this "one-stop service" built on our nationwide distribution network and a wealth of experience cultivated over many years.

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