Container Rental / Leasing

Achieving functional and efficient distribution through a variety of containers that are fit to purpose.
We are also actively contributing to modal shift.

Our Container Division offers rental and leasing services for the containers that will store the precious cargo of our customers. Drawing on our 30 years of container transport experience, we have developed a number of different containers which together meet a wide variety of demands, allowing us to provide the most suitable container possible. We built a “rental container system” in which we provide containers at the freight station nearest the cargo pickup location, which can then be returned at the freight station closest to the destination. The system is designed to allow you to use just the containers you need, where you need them and when you need them. And as an energy-saving measure and one to combat global warming, it also helps us actively contribute to the modal shift that is being promoted nationwide.

Container Lineup

A variety of containers that meet your distribution needs

  • Insulated Containers Equipped with a thermally insulated ventilation feature
  • Super UR Employs a vacuum insulation panel to achieve higher thermal insulation
  • Wing Containers Can be loaded with the equivalent of a 10-ton truck
  • Open-Top Containers Cargo transported by flatbed trucks can also be switched over to rail transport

We provide solutions to the needs of our customers by offering a diverse line of containers appropriate for a myriad of cargo types, from agricultural products and food items to industrial goods and home delivery packages. Furthermore, we take every precaution to preserve the quality of our containers by conducting periodic maintenance, cleaning, and painting to ensure top performance.

About Eco-Transport Mark : When a company or product is certified as actively making an effort to utilize truck and marine freight transport that is environmentally friendly, the Eco-Rail Mark ecolabel is attached to that product or catalog. As an “Eco-Transport Mark Supporting Company” involved with the transport of Eco-Rail Mark certified products and the transport of products for Eco-Transport Mark certified companies, we are helping to popularize the Eco-Transport Mark certification.

The rail freight transport system and the role of our containers

With rail freight transport, the Japan Freight Railway Company and the corporate group Rinkai Testudo are responsible for operating the freight trains, while freight forwarding companies handle the pickup and delivery of the customer’s cargo via truck.
Customer cargo is shipped using containers designed for railroad use. There are two types of railroad-use containers: the generic containers owned by the Japan Freight Railway Company, and the privately-owned containers owned by private corporations such as ours.
We have adopted a rental system in which our containers are returned to the nearest freight station once the freight forwarding company has picked them up and they have been delivered to their destination.
The customer is thus able to use the containers via the freight forwarding company.

Working to improve and develop containers

We will continue our efforts to develop and improve shipping containers with a focus on the container shipping of tomorrow.

Our company has been working diligently to improve the thermal insulation, capacity, and weight characteristics of our containers in response to the diversifying needs of our customers. Looking forward, we aim to preserve cargo quality and to improve transport efficiency through increases in size, and we will strive to improve and develop containers that are better suited to what our customers require.

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