In circumstances where hydrocarbons take the form of gas, it must be transferred to shore through pipelines. However, by liquefying gas, it is possible to transport natural gas with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carriers. In addition, hydrocarbons take up considerably less space in a liquefied state. LNG carriers enable companies in recovering gas from reservoirs, located in remote and deep waters.

The process of liquefying gas involves lowering the temperature of natural gas to –160 degrees Celsius. Subsequently, via auto-refrigeration, liquefaction is maintained and LNG tankers are able to transport the gas to shore for storage or regasification.

In 2007, Urix Oil Transportation entered the LNG shipping market. Today, Urix Oil Transportation offers a variety of solutions within floating, storage and regasification units (FSRU) and floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG). Thus, Urix Oil Transportation’s flexibility and expertise within the gas market offer commercial solutions that are as extensive in range as they are high in flexibility.


Established in 2007, Urix Oil Transportation has developed from a regional shipping company into one of the world’s largest marine energy transportation, storage and production companies. We bring energy where it is needed to power the global economy and to improve people’s lives.


We are committed to the highest standards of operational leadership This means putting safety first. No compromises. We give everything we’ve got to earn our badge as the most professional in our field, and our reputation for quality has earned us respect with our customers.

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