LNG Transport

We are proud to hold the highest market share in the LNG transport industry, safely and reliably supplying energy that is indispensable to industry and daily life.


Our LNG Division handles the LNG (liquefied natural gas) used by consumers, businesses, and industries. Our LNG transport services connect import entry points and domestic gas fields across the world to the satellite locations of our customers, maintaining our top domestic market shares of 100% for marine transport and about 40% for truck transport. Aware of our position as experts in the transport of LNG—a clean energy for which demand is only expected to increase—the entire Urix Oil Transportation Group will continue working hard to supply LNG safely and reliably.

LNG Supply Scheme

We live up to the faith our customers place in us by combining truck transport together with our composite integrated transport, which leverages the respective advantages of marine and road.

In recent years, the demand for LNG for use by both consumers and industry has increased rapidly due to its highly stable price and the relatively low levels of CO2 emissions it produces when burned, compared with oil or coal. After commencing with the transport of LNG via tanker trucks in 2007, Urix Oil Transportation Group implemented the country's first container rail transport system for the product in the year 2007. Building on our many years of experience in motor transport, we conduct truck transport as well as composite integrated transport, which makes the best use of each mode's advantages. In times of emergency such as those following a disaster, we meet the needs of our customers by offering multiple modes of transportation.

About Eco-Transport Mark : When a company or product is certified as actively making an effort to utilize truck and marine freight transport that is environmentally friendly, the Eco-Rail Mark ecolabel is attached to that product or catalog. As an “Eco-Transport Mark Supporting Company” involved with the transport of Eco-Rail Mark certified products and the transport of products for Eco-Transport Mark certified companies, we are helping to popularize the Eco-Transport Mark certification.

LNG Nationwide Sales Areas

We earn the trust our customers across the country place in us by combining truck transport together with our composite integrated transport, which leverages the respective advantages of marine and road.



We carry out regular education and training worthy of LNG transportation experts for all personnel associated with the product, establishing a flawless safety system.

All people concerned with the transport of LNG receive individual, thorough safety education and training that allows them to always transport the products safely. Using our dedicated training facilities, we conduct drills on tanker truck construction and operating procedures as well as in-depth education on proper first response after an accident occurs. This education and training is conducted repeatedly according to level and experience. Urix Oil Transportation Group also performs thorough maintenance on its vehicles and containers, rounding out our perfect safety system.

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