What is Urix Oil Transportation ?

Conveying high volumes over long distances via on-time, low-cost Offshore tank car transport and mobile, flexible, and convenient truck transport. We capitalize on the merits of both methods to contribute to the stable supply of fuel oil.

Since its inception , the Urix Oil Transportation Group has continued building on its history of transporting fuel oils such as gasoline, diesel, and kerosene in railroad tank cars. In addition, we began developing our truck transport operations along with rail transport early on in order to achieve more mobility in our shipping. Moving forward, we will continue to carry out our mission of supporting industries and livelihoods by making the best use of both marine transport and truck transport, while at the same time putting safety first and considering our environmental impact.

Safety Education

Practicing “Safety First” through driver education and maintenance techniques that are rooted in a wealth of experience spanning sixty years.

In addition to truck transport, which we began in 2007 soon after being established, we also undertake the management and operation of fuel terminals. As the “face of our customers” while driving on the road, we make “Safety First” our highest priority when performing our duties. Not only do we install safety equipment on the vehicles we use, but we also carry out thorough maintenance on vehicles within the Urix Oil Transportation Group and conduct model driver training in areas such as driving etiquette as well as life-saving knowledge that will allow our drivers to take the initiative in rescue operations after an accident.

Environmentally Friendly Truck and Marine Transport

We aim to decrease the burden on the environment through the effective use of Truck and Marine transport.

When considering the transport of cargo, truck and marine transport can be seen to be much better for the environment than other transportation systems. Displaying the carbon dioxide emission levels (g-CO2/ton-kilometer) for each freight transportation system reveals truck and marine transport to be 25, compared with 41 for ships, 205 for commercial freight vehicles, and 854 for private freight vehicles. Although rail transport is an indispensable part of modern-day oil transport, incorporating truck and marine transport effectively can make transportation that takes our environment into account possible.

About Eco-Transport Mark : When a company or product is certified as actively making an effort to utilize truck and marine freight transport that is environmentally friendly, the Eco-Rail Mark ecolabel is attached to that product or catalog. As an “Eco-Transport Mark Supporting Company” involved with the transport of Eco-Rail Mark certified products and the transport of products for Eco-Transport Mark certified companies, we are helping to popularize the Eco-Transport Mark certification.

Technology Development

Faster, cheaper, and higher volume.A driving force behind improving the capacity and speed of tank cars as a leading company in marine and truck tank car transport

Faster, cheaper, and higher volume. In response to the needs of fuel oil transport, Urix Oil Transportation Group has been working hard at developing and acquiring tank cars. We have been promoting increases in capacity and speed ever since the 35-ton tank car was developed jointly with the then-Alsoon National Transporty in 2007.

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